Fishing with a work mate (2-May-10)

Decided to take an old work mate for a day’s worth of yabby pumping and fishing. Low tide was at an inconvenient 3pm, so I had forewarned him that yabby pumping was going to be a challenge. We went to our spot at about 1pm and the water was still about ankle deep to shore, making the pumping quite difficult in knee deep water. After wasting about a good half hour there we only managed the one yabby and a handful of soldier crabs. Met dad down at a spot in the Hacking and fortunately he had a bit of bait on him. The yellowtail were on the bite and we managed about 20 all up within a few hours. Dad hooked up on a monster slimy mackerel, would have been about 35cm or so, but it took off to the nets and snapped him off with a matter of seconds. There was not much on for the rest of the day, until dad was on again with a slimy, and this time fortunately it took off out to deeper water and he was able to reel it in. It measured around the 40cm mark.

My work mate was happy with his catch of a handful of yellowtail, but would have been happier if the mackerel was part of his catch as well!

Nice by-catches (24-Jan-10)

Went for a quick afternoon fish down on the Port Hacking on an overcast Sunday. The water was surprisingly calm and the weather was great for fishing. There weren’t many fish on the bite, only the occasional small tailor. Switched over to soft plastics for a while without much success. On one retrieval, I had a dead weight on it, in which I thought was a crab. Left it down there for a while longer and it came on again and latched on with the unmistakable pumping action of a squid. Grabbed a squid jig and changed over as the squid dropped of the plastic, and hooked up a nice small calamari. Switched over to bait hoping to get some baitfish. Hooked on to what I thought was a large bait fish, until it took off! After a short fight, up came my first Morwong! It went just legal at 31cm

Squid on a squid? (26-Dec-09)

Down to the Hacking for a fish on Boxing Day. It was wet, cold and windy and all of the above! The fishing was slow, had a fair bit of bait fish around, which we threw out both live and fillets. Not much on those, except for a few crabs that fell off on bringing them up to the surface. Conditions were making it uncomfortable to fish, so I changed over to the squid jig. After a few casts, I was able to draw in some small jigs, much too small for the size jig I was using so I changed over to a smaller sized jig. I caught this squid on the next cast, which ironically did not take the bigger jig:

As the jig is a small one and designed for mainly surface squid with a slow sinking action, I put a small sinker on it to get it to sink down. This does affect the action of the jig, but gets it in the zone. We decided to use the squid fresh to see if we could get a bream or flathead. No fish bites apart from the odd annoying crab. Then a strip of squid was taken by something small that set off a bit of the drag. After striking the rod, there was not much movement, but more of a dead weight that twitched every now and then. I was surprised to see that a squid had latched on to it and had managed to hook itself on my circle hook!:

I was not aware of the squid’s cannibal tendencies! Not much else for the rest of the day.

A couple of squid (20-Dec-09)

Went down to Port Hacking  warm yet windy summer day. The fish were hard to come by as the lines were going all over the place due to the wind.  Our baits were getting smashed by some peckers, possibly small snapper. Decided to change tactics and put on some hardy squid instead. The squid lasted a lot longer than the fish baits, but were still getting taken by the small ones. We managed to catch a 20-25cm whiting on a thin strip of squid:

Then went on to my secret spot for some squid, and managed 5 in quick time. Caught the two bigger ones first on a bigger jig, then found some small ones that were following but not biting on. Changed over to a small jig and managed to hook the 3 small ones:

You can see from the green eyes of the smaller ones, they are calamari (as opposed to arrow squid). All the action died down when it hit low tide.

Port Hacking (6-Dec-2009)

On a windy Sunday, couldn’t find anyone free, so went down to the Hacking myself for a quick session. Decided to use plastics and jig for squid. I tried the beachworm Gulp along some sandflats first. Got a few nibbles and eventually got a small snapper (around the 20cm mark).

Put the plastics away and then brought out the squid jigs towards sunset. Managed to hook up on 4. Hopefully will be using these soon for the next jewfish session. I put these in a snap lock bag to maintain freshness as some have suggested.