School Holiday Fun (18-Dec-10)

It was the first weekend of the school holidays so I decided to take my cousin for a day out. We initially went to the park to have a kick of the footy, but decided to for a fish, something he had not since he was about 3 years old (currently 11). We dusted off the yabby pump, but couldn’t find the rubber part and the washer! So we raced down to K-mart for a quick purchase. Low tide was at 1:30pm, and we got to our yabby spot at about 2pm. An hour’s worth of pumping and we were armed with about 20 yabbies.

It was quite back-breaking stuff, so if you’re not up for the hard toil, I’d suggest going to the bait and tackle store where they sell for about 50c each. We drove down to the south side of Captain Cook Bridge where we were hoping to get a bit of shelter if the rain hit. It was ridiculously windy but at least the weather held up after a brief storm. We found a secure rock that was sheltered from the wind and set up camp there.

The first four casts and my cousin was on to a mix of bream, snapper and whiting. All were well undersized so they were released safely.

Towards the end, the action slowed as we headed towards high tide. There were no keepers to show of this time around, but the fishing was good enough to keep a kid occupied for the day!

Georges River Bream (12-Dec-2009)

It was a sunny yet windy Saturday afternoon, hoping to catch some Blackfish with dad before sunset. Got to our spot at around 5:30pm with about 1 and a half hours for our session. Brought our green weed out only to find that it had gone off! Did not expect to have any hits on it, but gave it a go anyway. After about half an hour of inactivity, dad decided to change over to some bread under the float in hope for some bream. On his second cast, the float went under and he was on! Dad called it to be something legal and after a short fight, brought up this legal bream at about 30cm:

Just to prove that where there’s fish, there’s water, the bream was caught in about no more than 2 metres of water and only about 3 metres out from shore. Not much else for the rest of the time there.

Blackfish Part II (31-Oct-2009)

Continuing on my quest for Blackfish, I headed down to Georges River again. Nearing sunset, I decided to go with dad to pick up some seaweed and head down for a quick half hour fish. Didn’t expect too much action in half an hour. First cast was a down, after striking the fish went ballistic and I could tell it was definitely a keeper. Bringing it up to the surface, I could tell it was well over 30cm and my 6lb line was not going to hold. I decided to beach the fish and up comes a pb Blackfish 36cm for me:

Blackfish Part I (26-Oct-2009)

Read some reports of blackfish making an appearance in Georges River. I had a week off between changing jobs so took a Monday to give them a go. Surprisingly, we went down to the spot and there was already someone down there even on a cold and rainy Monday. It was pretty tough going with no bites for a few hours and then the rain became heavier. The others left and we stayed there for a bit longer. 10 minutes later, it heated up and we caught about 10 in the next 10 minutes. Most were undersized with just the one keeper at about 30cm:

Blackfish at Georges River
As catching blackfish is a different kettle of fish (no pun intended), I will add more information about how to catch them in future posts. Stay tuned!

Soft Plastics session on Georges River

Atrocious weather for the last two weeks, and so I have not been able to get out for a decent fish of late. The rain was a bit on and off today, so being better safe than sorry we decided to have a quick session down under the Captain Cook’s bridge. I decided not to get my hands dirty on bait, so I gave the soft plastics a go. I recently bought a new pack of Berkley Gulp! 2 inch Sandworms. You may recall my last post about catching on plastics, we used the 6 inch sandworms cut in half. I guess the guys at Berkley may have realised the larger sized worms a bit too hard to cast and the need to cut the sandworms would warrant the release of a smaller size. Here is what they look like:

Berkley Gulp! 2

I put on a 1/32 oz Nitro jig head and started to jig. Action was quiet, but my brother managed to score a few yellowtail and bream on pilchards. After about half an hour, it started to school chopper tailor, all about the 20cm range. The tailor went crazy over the worm and basically smashed it each time on hitting the water. Here is a picture of one of the ones I caught (apologies for the picture quality, didn’t have my camera with me):

Tailor on Soft Plastics

All up, I caught about 15 in succession cast after cast, until the worm started to rip due to the sharp teeth of these feisty tailer. My brother only managed about 3 in that time, so maybe the claim that Berkley makes about outfishing bait is true after all! Anyway, it’s a different ballgame with other species like bream. I hope to report on more soft plastics in the near future.