A couple of squid (20-Dec-09)

Went down to Port Hacking  warm yet windy summer day. The fish were hard to come by as the lines were going all over the place due to the wind.  Our baits were getting smashed by some peckers, possibly small snapper. Decided to change tactics and put on some hardy squid instead. The squid lasted a lot longer than the fish baits, but were still getting taken by the small ones. We managed to catch a 20-25cm whiting on a thin strip of squid:

Then went on to my secret spot for some squid, and managed 5 in quick time. Caught the two bigger ones first on a bigger jig, then found some small ones that were following but not biting on. Changed over to a small jig and managed to hook the 3 small ones:

You can see from the green eyes of the smaller ones, they are calamari (as opposed to arrow squid). All the action died down when it hit low tide.

Whiting from Parra River (25-Nov-2009)

Decided to go for a fish with a work mate on (of all nights) a weeknight after work. Had to triple check with him to make sure he was not joking! Got to our spot at around 9pm, pretty good weather but the wind was quite strong. My workmate managed to hook up a bream on his first cast that went about 20cm on a half pilchard. All of a sudden the action died off as we reached low tide. Another fisherman came along and was getting some tailor on chromes to use as live bait for jewfish. I had a few frozen squid that I had caught from my previous trips that I brought along and had cast out on my 12 ft’er. Had a few nibbles but a whole squid was pretty much cleaned up, probably by a school of pinkies. After I threw another squid out, the other fisherman had tangled with my line while he was winding his line in. He asked if I was winding my line in at the same time, which I was not, as he felt some movement. To our surprise, we brought up a legal whiting that went for the squid!

It measured a bit over 30cm.

Nothing much for the rest of the night apart from a few small tailor. All in all a bad day’s fishing better than a good day’s work!

Whiting Part 2 (30-Dec-07)

Went with my old man to chase the whiting again after he saw the results of my previous outing. Pumped the yabbies at around 5pm and headed down to Port Hacking at about 7.30pm to fish until about end of sunset which was about 9pm. On my second cast I brought up this nice sized whiting:

Whiting in Port Hacking

Unfortunately not much for the rest of the day, and my dad managed to hook himself somehow after he tried to free a hooked yellowtail. Just a reminder to crush your barbs on the hook, so that if you hook yourself at least it will be less painful to unhook!

Thumper Whiting (16-Dec-07)

Went to target some whiting after pumping some yabbies on sunset days earlier. Decided to go early in the morning down to Port Hacking as I knew there would be a lot of people around with the Christmas break. Reached my destination at 9am, armed with only about 10 yabbies and about an hour’s worth of fishing. Had a few bites with little hook ups while leaving the rod resting on the rail. Decided to hold the rod for one try, and it was hit by a thumper which I thought at first was a bream. It fought like a small jewfish but when I brought it up, turned out to be a legal whiting measuring in at 34cm.

Whiting from Port Hacking

Nothing much for the rest of the day, but a nice catch in an hour’s work.