Legal Snapper (25-Apr-2011)

The weather has been terrible of late but that didn’t stop us from going for a quick fishing session! The rain was coming and going but only a drizzle each time, enough for it to be uncomfortable. The wind was in our face and the fish were hard to come by. There were a few fish snapping on the surface, which looked like bonito, but we could not seem to attract their attention. I tried some new plastics to come out on the market that my brother suggested called Izumi by River2sea.

After about 50 or so casts, I felt some weight and I was on! It was something decent, albeit small. After a short fight, I saw colour and it was a Watson’s Leaping Bonito! Unfortunately, as I was winding it up, my join knot broke! so I lost the lot, jig head, plastic and lead! I used the Albright knot to join the braid to the fluoro lead, which was a big improvement casting wise, but I obviously did not tie it on properly. I have now changed over to the Improved Albright knot. Hopefully that will hold when a bigger fish gets hooked!

It went quiet for the rest of the day, up until the very end where we managed our first legal snapper at just a touch over 30 cm!

Mixed Bag (06-Mar-10)

Making the most of the unusually warm weather at the start of autumn, I decided to take to the sand flats with my new ecogear sx40 (one to replace the one I lost in Gold Coast). I was getting a few hits every now and then and not long after up came this small snapper at around 22cm or so:

Released safely back in to the water.

Gave up on the lures and switched to bait and the squid jig. Ended up with two nice sized squid and a keeper trevally:

Port Hacking (6-Dec-2009)

On a windy Sunday, couldn’t find anyone free, so went down to the Hacking myself for a quick session. Decided to use plastics and jig for squid. I tried the beachworm Gulp along some sandflats first. Got a few nibbles and eventually got a small snapper (around the 20cm mark).

Put the plastics away and then brought out the squid jigs towards sunset. Managed to hook up on 4. Hopefully will be using these soon for the next jewfish session. I put these in a snap lock bag to maintain freshness as some have suggested.

Port Hacking baitfish (3-Aug-08)

Went with dad armed with a big berley bucket and couple of baitfish rigs. Conditions were very calm which made it an ease in catching bait fish. There was a mixed bag of slimy mackerel, yellowtail and the occasional garfish.

baitfish in Port Hacking

We cut up a few fresh ones there and threw out some blocks. Resulted in some nice but undersized snapper.

Snapper in Port Hacking

Also tried a few live, but no touches.