Huge Australian Salmon (17-Jan-2016)

The weather was fantastic and we could see a lot of surface action with the bubbling water suggesting something was chasing the baitfish. We loaded up some live baitfish and waited patiently. There was not much going on for a while until our reel took off! After a short fight and a couple of characteristic jumps, it was obvious that it was a bruiser Australian Salmon. It measured around the 75cm mark. Also caught a few squid that was to be used as bait for the next trip.

Big Australian Salmon (01-Dec-2015)

So the start of summer, and still plenty of activity on the surface to suggest some big specimens around. I put in some live bait for most of the day without success. Towards the end of the day, I hooked up to a beast of a fight, but much unlike the typical fight of a kingfish, so my guess was either a salmon or a bonito. After a short fight, I pull up this beast of an Australian Salmon towards the 70cm and 3kg mark!

Big Australian Salmon (25-Feb-13)

So trying to fit in as much fishing before the end of summer, we decided to try live baiting for hopefully yet another flathead like in the two previous posts. We had a few variations going, one with a small sinker and one with a bigger one. The small sinker gives the fish some more slack to swim around the surface, whereas the larger one puts it down towards the bottom. The rod with the smaller sinker was hit by a steam train and took the line in all sorts of directions. This would indicate your usual pelagic species of either a salmon or kingfish. After a short 5 minute fight, we pulled up this beauty which measured around the 55cm mark and weighed about 2kg.


Lucky salmon (20-Aug-12)

The cold weather was really drying up the bait fish, meaning we didn’t really have any bait for the larger species. While trying to catch the baitfish, with small pieces of pilchard, we hooked on to something big! This was on 6 pound mainline and 8 pound trace. It was clearly a salmon after it took a few jumps as we were winding him in. It took about ten minutes but we finally brought it in, having to beach it. We also managed a small squid towards the end of the day.

Mixed Bag (15-Oct-11)

The Spring weather was beginning to heat up and give rise to perfect conditions for the pelagics. We were getting plenty of baitfish first up, so it was a good sign. Dad had a live bait on and I was busy going for squid. So we didn’t have to wait for long for dad to hook up. He called it a salmon judging by the strong fight, yet not as strong as the kingfish. After a patient 5 minute fight, we brought up a 55cm beauty! I was able to hook up on some squid towards the end of the day for a nice mixed bag.