Small flathead (20-Jan-11)

We decided to venture out in search of some new spots, so we headed out towards Birchgrove. There were a few people fishing there already, surprisingly on a weekday, and the parking was ridiculously hard to find due to it being a residential area. We tried all sorts of bait, but were not able to get anything more than some undersized bream. The wind was picking up, along with our parking time, so we headed towards the city to continue our day. There were plenty of yellowtail at our next destination and we put some fillets out as bait. Again, not much on offer with the odd bream and snapper. I also landed a flathead just under legal.

Mixed bag (21-Nov-10)

The weather was warming up to true summer conditions at around 26 degrees. It was windy but still fishable. We managed quite a few yellowtail and squid in quick succession. The squid were a bit all over the place, having to cast far and wide to get them. We decided to try our luck with some yellowtail fillets and squid strips. One of the rods went off in short bursts, followed by a dead weight when winding it up, the same idiosyncrasies usually shown by flathead or sting rays. On further inspection, it was quite a large flathead and since only having 9lb line on as lead, we decided to beach it. It measured 65cm.

Apologies for the picture quality, we decided to subdue the fish to put it out of its misery. One of the other fillets managed yet another crab! They seem to be in season of late.

One of my squid strips got taken by another characteristic short burst. There was a dead weight when it finally settled. Secretly hoping it would be another flathead, it turned out to be a sting ray! Not happy! It measured about 40cm. Line was cut and released safely back in to the water

Fishing in… Gold Coast? (13-Feb-10)

Ok, so we’re a bit off topic again, but I had a trip up north to Gold Coast for the Saturday and I decided to bring some fishing gear up with me. Note that to bring fishing gear on to a plane, you will have to put it in as checked-in baggage as they will consider your fishing gear as potential “weapons”. I brought a small collapsible rod with me and just wrapped it with a towel. As I was there for only a number of fishable hours, I decided to just bring some lures and soft plastics. I decided on fishing around Pizzey Park as described on the Gold Coast council page. I couldn’t seem to find the jetty at first, so I just went down to where there was water and fished off the bank. I decided to use a hard body lure, the much-hyped Ecogear SX40.

I have had this lure for quite a while without much luck. On about my fourth cast, I hit what I thought was some weed, but came in fighting, and ended up to be nice sized flathead at about the 35cm mark.

Released safely back to the water, after a few more casts, I was on again! This time it was a bigger one! After a quick struggle, the fish managed to snap me off, an expensive loss of about $15+. Switched over to soft plastics, as that was my only hard body lure. Nothing for the rest of the day. I was not much of a fan of hard body lures, up until that day! If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend bringing a rod to your next trip to the coast. There were plenty of spots to fish, and not many cars on the road either! The only issue I had was the weather, which seemed to be a drier hot than in Sydney.

Monster Flathead (31-Jan-10)

Just reporting on behalf of my dad, who went down to Port Hacking flats to fish while my mates and I were on the charter. He put out some live bait and had it smashed, only to find that the line was cut, so he thought he’d try it again and throw out another live bait to the exact same spot, with a slightly larger hook. The fish took off this time and after a long fight, he brought up this monster. It measured nearly 80cm and weighed 4kg.

To his surprise, he found the first hook in the same fish. It was intriguing to find that the fish came back for seconds as you would normally find the fish get spooked quite easily. Just a reminder that only one over 70cm is allowed to be taken, as the big ones are normally breeding females

Flatty (4-Jan-2008)

Down to the Hacking for an early session. Conditions were perfect, sun had just risen and not a drop of wind. Used a few baitfish that dad had caught yesterday and put cubes out. Within 5 minutes the reel goes off! With a dead weight and a run every now and then, I called it as either a flathead or a sting ray. After a 5 minute fight, we pull up this nice flatty at 70cm:

Flathead from the Hacking

It went pretty quiet for the next few hours, but we picked up a crab towards the end of the day: