Big Southern Calamari and Bream (15-Apr-13)

So the Autumn weather had arrived together with the end of daylight savings, which made for some chilly sunsets and early days. But the cold weather also bring in some big squid as well. Knowing this, we concentrated our efforts on some squid jigging. I would normally go the smallest size I can get to target the bait sized squid as well, but I switched to a slightly larger model, a 2.5 in hope of some southern calamari. So after a good hour of fruitless jigging, I felt a familiar pull on my line. It at first feels like you’ve hoooked on to some seaweed as it feels like a dead weight, up until they hit the hooks and try to pull away. I called it a southern as the pull is more intense. After a few hours of jigging we managed a two large specimens at around the 30cm mark.

You may be wondering how to tell the difference between a Southern Calamari Squid and an Arrow Squid. The calamari’s wings go all the way up to the head, whereas the arrow squid’s wings join the body only a part way up, making it look like an arrow, hence the name. The calamari also have beautiful big green eyes.

We also ended up with a keeper bream by dropping some small bait underneath us. A short fight ensued to prevent a dive behind the pylons.

Bream galore (8-Oct-12)

Our first session in spring and it was fantastic weather. Conditions were perfect, warm and not a drop of wind. First cast with a small piece of bait, not much seemed to be biting, but after a few minute wait I was on to a legal bream! Thereafter we hooked up two more legal bream and missed out on three even bigger ones as they slipped off. Not much on but bream that day, not complaining though!

Bream and squid (22-Jul-12)

Another freezing winter’s day. Fortunately the sun was out making it mildly pleasant, but that didn’t help with the wind. There were no fish in sight, not even a touch for a few hours. After waiting patiently, we were able to tempt a legal bream!

We brought out the jigs later on and we were able to get two good size arrow squid after a handful of casts. Again, no school of squid that we had been seeing regularly in the summer months.

Bream and Squid (26-Sep-11)

The start of my week off work and with an early start, we target whatever bites. Started off throwing the jig around, to my surprise, I am able to attract a small calamari. After a few goes at it, finally latches on and I’m on to this beauty:

Expecting it to school squid after catching one on the first cast, I was disappointed to find that there was just that one on offer! I put the jig away and put on a plastic to fish the shallows. There were a few bites on offer and after a few casts I was able to hook up a few undersized bream, measuring about 20cm:

Amazing to see so many fish in the shallows. It wouldn’t have been much more than 2m deep where I could see to the bottom. The fish were hiding amongst the seaweed.

Mixed bag (07-Mar-2011)

I took a Monday off for time in lieu and went early morning with dad. The weather was beautiful albeit quite windy. There was a bit of splashing about to suggest a few fish were about. We fish for a few hours without much luck, until we hit the familiar dead weight of a crab. It turned out to be quite a big dinner sized crab! After that, we were on again, with the usual bumps on a snapper or bream. It was confirmed as a keeper bream measuring near 30cm! I then saw some splashing near the shallow water and quickly went over with a live bait. Dropped it near by and felt the hit. It then took off like a rocket! But was only a short burst. I sensed it was a bonito and was proven right after a 3 minute fight. Great fight on a small rod! It measured about 45cm.