"Last Cast" theory – Bonito! (12-Sep-11)

So my brother and I always joke around about the “last cast”. What happens is, when we have to pick up our respective partners, or have to go to work, or dinner etc, we call out the last cast before we leave, in hope of a lucky last minute catch. We have done this many times over, more memorable catches being some nice sized calamari, some keeper bream and mullet and even the odd blue swimmer crab!

Dad and I started at about noon and after about 4 or so hours of fishing, absolutely nothing! Zilch! Not even a friendly leather jacket! I have to be honest in saying I had never experienced such conditions. When it hit about 5pm, we were able to catch two yellowtail and nothing else after! The two we put on as live bait. By this time, the sun was going down and called for the last cast. After about a 5 minute wait, we were on! Unbelievably a 45cm Bonito on last cast:

Watson's Leaping Bonito (24-Mar-2011)

Towards to the end of the warm weather and there are still a few predators to be had. Here’s a couple of Leaping Watson’s Bonito caught in the morning on live bait. I always thought Bonito were Bonito until my brother corrected me. There is a slight difference between the two characterised by the broken black lines and are generally smaller than the bonito but are normally found in the same school.

Mixed bag (07-Mar-2011)

I took a Monday off for time in lieu and went early morning with dad. The weather was beautiful albeit quite windy. There was a bit of splashing about to suggest a few fish were about. We fish for a few hours without much luck, until we hit the familiar dead weight of a crab. It turned out to be quite a big dinner sized crab! After that, we were on again, with the usual bumps on a snapper or bream. It was confirmed as a keeper bream measuring near 30cm! I then saw some splashing near the shallow water and quickly went over with a live bait. Dropped it near by and felt the hit. It then took off like a rocket! But was only a short burst. I sensed it was a bonito and was proven right after a 3 minute fight. Great fight on a small rod! It measured about 45cm.

Bonito and Bream (14-Feb-2011)

There was quite a bit of activity in the first few hours of our session. A lot of live baits were thrown out without any hookups, and most of them were getting smashed by crabs. There were a few big rod dips that brought up a few keeper bream, again, perfectly hooked on the jaw with the circle hooks. Then the next live bait went for a big run! It was not quite the kingie run, but felt familiarly like a bonito. After a short 2 minute fight, up came a beauty 40+cm bonito!

Second Bonito! (22-Jan-11)

Up for an early fish again, and the weather was pleasantly warm without much wind. There seemed to be a bit of surface action after about an hour. We rigged up some live baits and we had multiple hits, but most were to either fall off or bust us off. After a short fight on one of them, we were able to pull in this beauty of a Bonito. It measured 45cm:

Towards the end of the day, we hooked up on a decent sized bream going at about 30cm. Sorry I couldn’t take a picture before dad cooked it for dinner! It was steamed with ginger and shallots.