Bait and Tackle Stores

With an abundance of chain stores joining the bait and tackle market, namely BCF, Anaconda, Amazon Outdoors and Ray’s Outdoors, there are plenty of bargains to be had. I would recommend joining the free members clubs so that you are informed of their latest specials throughout the year. Just as a brief run down of all the stores, BCF and Amazon seem to specialise more in the fishing side of things and have most of the top brands. The other two do not have as large a variety but have some good bargains for the cheaper brands. Also don’t forget about BigW and KMart , both of which have a small but sufficient variety to get you started. I find BigW to be slightly cheaper on most things and a good place to get cheap Berkley soft plastics. Although, don’t always overlook your local bait and tackle store for some more specialised brands and gear. I get most of my rods and reels from bait and tackle stores and also the higher quality tackle such as the Japanese squid jigs and fishing line. I have created a bait and tackle locator to help you find the stores in your area. Most of these I have searched manually, so please let me know if there are any incorrect or new listings.

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